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My Family…. The little incidentals that make us who we are.

May 9, 2008

I was just thinking that even though I can post to my weblog daily, I would like to have a page where I can write about the little incidentals that occur in my family. Like this morning for example:

It is the begining of May and of course very rainy here in Pittsburgh. Two of my three high schoolers had already left and were probably in their first class. It was now time for my two middle schoolers to go to the bus stop. We live on a pretty busy street, with trucks always speeding past.  Well, my son and daughter left for thier bus and they were sharing an umbrella. As they walked down the front steps to the side walk, my daughter was holding the umbrella and walking on the outside of the sidewalk. My son was adjusting his bookbag and I saw my daughter taking care that he too got the protection from the rain. As they were walking, a semi began to drive up the hill, it was in the driving lane, which is curbside very close to where my little girl was walking.

That is when I saw my boy wrap his arm around his little sisters waist and guide her to the inside of the sidewalk and take her place at the curbside. It made me feel really proud of him. It probably is not something that he even thought about, and maybe some of you readers don’t even understand the signifigance of that gesture. You see, Brian and I try to raise our boys to be chivalrous young men, and that simple act of steering his little sister out of harms way and placing himself there instead, showed me that he has paid attention. And it showed my daughter that her big brother does love her, and would even protect her at the cost of perhaps hurt to himself.

Not that we would rather lose a son than a daughter, it is simply this: He(my son),has showing in that act that he knows that the man is the protector of the family, and is is willing and ready to at hte age of fourteen, to step up to the plate and be a man!

May God Bless Him!




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