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Jobless and Frustrated

It’s another Tuesday, and I am deeply frustrated! I have been searching for a job since January without any luck!  You see, I have been a stay at home mom for nearly 18 years, and it seems as if perspective employers do not appreciate this lapse in my employment history. Especially since I do not have a college degree. It does not seem to matter that I was an army reservist and that I was trained as an administrative specialist (secretary). It does not seem as if I can make my resume appealing enough for anyone to employe me.  What makes it worse, is trying to apply for positions online.  It seems as if each time I get to the level of education, and I enter some college course work completed, and not an associates degree, I get booted off of the system.  So I tried the old way, and started pounding the pavement, but all of the major corporations just tell me that I must apply online. Most of the smaller businesses, are already staffed, or my computer knowledge is not up to date. When I was working back in the late 80’s, there were not programs such as excel and powerpoint. Most of you are probably saying, then go back to school. If it were that easy. I have eight children, seven of which are still at home all under the age of seventeen.  My husband lost a good paying job last August, and his new job brings in almost less than one-third of our previous income. He also did not finish his college degree, so he is now in school, trying to make himself more marketable. We just cannot afford for both of us to be in school.

I had worked last year at the local Dunkin’ donuts, but when I started noticing that things were getting worse in my marriage and the way in which it was affecting my children, I quit, thinking that if I was at home again, things would get better between my husband and I.  In the past whenever I would seek employment outside of the home, there was a HUGE objection, from my husband, and even though he did not complain about it this time, he carried an attitude that I could not discern from where it came. Anyways dealing with this seemed to affect my health and I began to have anxiety attacks, which would make me ahve to leave from work early.  So, after discussing it with my husband, about my health and the children’s school grades declining, he okayed my returning home as a stay at home mom. Even though my woring full time was not the cause of our problems, which I later found out, none the less, we are now at a point where our family is in desperate need of another income, and so I am out there job hunting.

I would rather work in an office setting, but since that is not coming to fruition, I have begun applying in retail. The major pullback there is the fact that even though during the interviews the perspective employer seems eager to hire me, I never get a call back. I really believe that it is because of my Sabbath day observence. I faithfully observe Sunday’s as a day of rest In the LORD, and in honoring of my GOD, I do not work on Sundays. All of the jobs which I have interviewed for in the retail field stress that I must be available to work weekends. I am more than willing to work Saturdays, but that does not seem to matter much.

Really, I do not know what to do anymore!  I am so totally frustrated that I just want to cry, but tears will not change a single thing.

Anyways, this si my story and that is why I called it “Jobless and Frustrated”